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Property Maintenance Cranbourne

Are you looking to renovate your home to something a little more stylish?

Have you just bought a home that looks like it needs a touch up before you move in?

Always wanted a deck out the back but haven’t gotten around to it?

Welcome to Express Property Maintenance Cranbourne

Hi! I’m Robert Dobson from Express Property Maintenance in Cranbourne and I’m here to attend to your property and get it looking the best it can be.
I have lived in the Cranbourne area for over 10 years and I am dedicated to providing my community with a high quality service that will increase the value of our neighbourhood. I try to be as much a part of the community as I can by getting to know my neighbours and have my children involved in local sporting clubs.

Express Property Maintenance in Cranbourne is available to service:

Cranbourne, Cranbourne West, Lynbrook, Junction Village and surrounding areas.

Want to renovate?

If you’ve been flipping through home catalogues and dreaming of updating your kitchen, mark your page and give me a call! I can help you get you your extra bench space and cupboards in the colour scheme you have been fawning over. From restyling the bathroom to replacing your old doors and windows, I can update your house to the home you’ve been dreaming about.

Repairing an old home?

All homes start getting a little weary over time, so if you’re wanting to sell and finding it a little difficult, your property could do with a little repair work. Plastering damages and repainting your house can do a world of wonders. It is often the little things that leave an impression, and your property will look almost so brand new that I’m sure you’ll be reluctant to sell it!

At Express, we value the satisfaction of our clients by providing a service that will benefit you and your home. Our affordable prices give your home the high quality maintenance and care it deserves. No matter the size of the job, if you need a single wall painted or a large deck out the pack patio, I will give my best service each and every time.

I am punctual and reliable, and always aim to give you the service you have asked for as well as exceeding your expectations. No matter the time of day, you can contact me.

The Property Maintenance services I offer include:

• Pre-sale repairs and rejuvenation

• Plaster repairs

• Painting

• Doors and locks

• Windows

• Decks

• Minor renovations

• Regular checks (preventive maintenance)