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Are you tired of the same old job making someone else money?

Ever looked at your boss and thought I wish that could be me? Express Business Group has over 30 different franchises to choose from. Franchises start from as low as $5,950 + GST which include everything you need to start a successful business.

The Express Business Group is one of the fastest growing franchise companies in Australia. Express really is changing the industry. While others charge between $25,000 and $100,000+ for similar businesses, Express has cost price franchises enabling everyone to be their own boss. Express had discovered a huge market and is proving to be a remarkable success. Though the Express Business Group system itself is now highly developed, the company’s success will always be based on three fundamental premises: a simple job done exceptionally well, a low priced franchise that is fair and affordable and a franchise that enables motivated people get into business for themselves without huge bank loans or other debts.

Want to know more about Express?

If you would like to know more visit the Express Business Group website or get in contact with a franchise development manager by calling 1300EXPRESS.

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